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16 August 2016

What do the different IP ratings mean?

It is important for electric or electronic equipment used in demanding environments to have good enclosures that may reduce the risk of electric shock, fire and explosion.

The enclosure rating indicates the level of protection of the electric product from dust and water. The IP rating is comprised of the letters "IP" and two numbers, the first of which describes protection from foreign objects and the second from water.

The marking IP 54, for example, is read as follows:

The first number refers to protection from dust and the second number indicates that the product withstands water splashes from all directions.

First number:

0 No protection.

1 Protection from objects over 50 mm.

2 Protection from objects over 12 mm.

3 Protection from objects over 2.5 mm.

4 Protection from objects over 1 mm.

5 Dust protected

6 Dustproof

Second number:

0 No protection

1 Protected from vertically dripping water.

2 Protected from dripping water. The device should not be tilted to an angle of more than 15° from its normal position.

3 Protected from rain. Maximum angle 60°.

4 Protected from water splashing from any direction.

5 Protected from water jets.

6 Protected from powerful water jets.

7 Withstands temporary immersion in water.

8 Withstands continuous immersion in water under conditions specified by the manufacturer.


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