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13 October 2016

What does the different IK ratings mean?

IK rating? What does vandal- or impact-resistant lighting actually mean?

The resistance of a luminaire against impacts and other external effects can be classified using the international IK rating. The rating uses a scale of IK00–IK10, wherein IK00 does not offer special protection against vandalism. If a luminaire is rated as IK10, it should withstand a direct impact of 20 joules.

  • IK01 0,14 J
  • IK03 0,35 J
  • IK05 0,70 J
  • IK06 1 J
  • IK07 2 J
  • IK08 5 J
  • IK09 10 J
  • IK10 20 J

Standard EN 60068-2-75 describes the test characteristics for verifying the resistance of a luminaire against external forces. Usually, IK10 (20 joules) is declared as the highest value. It may sound like a high figure, but in practice it corresponds with a 2 kg ball dropped from the height of 1 metre. This test is repeated three times.

The rating of the vandal-proof luminaire by Malux is IK10 or IK10+, meaning that it must withstand impacts of more than 20 joules.

The rating of the vandal-proof luminaire by Malux is IK10 or IK10+

IK rating in practice

The IK10 basic rating is suitable for a broad variety of uses. At the same time, additional protection is required in particularly vulnerable environments. The vandal-proof luminaires by Malux offer extremely good impact resistance, and we have decided to refer to this concept as IK10+.

IK10, 20J 
Enhanced impact resistance. Withstands smaller impacts and dents.

IK10+, 50J 
Good impact resistance. Withstands hits and kicks and shots from footballs, floorball etc.

IK10+, 80J
Extremely good impact resistance. Also withstands hits with bludgeons, such as wooden clubs, ice hockey sticks etc. and kicks.

IK10+, 120J 
Extremely good impact resistance. Withstands strong hits with a hammer, thrown rocks etc.

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