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Shipping / Returns

Terms & Conditions
All shipping costs at Malux Finland Oy, in Porvoo, are according to Incoterms 2010, EXW terms, excluding packaging unless otherwise stated. Otherwise we will comply with the NL09 terms.
Orders will be delivered in packaged mail unless otherwise agreed. We are not responsible for any transport damage. Check the packaging and product at reception.

Before returning the product, the customer must agree to return with the seller in question. The returned product return form will be attached to the return. Repurchase is made with a 30% refund fee if the item is returned undamaged at the customer's expense in the original packaging. The final decision on a possible refund will be made after we have checked the returned product. We must have refunds within 30 days of our billing date. Unless the product is in acceptable condition, Malux Finland Oy is entitled to a higher refund fee. The product must include our stock selection. We do not accept the return of order products or products that have been removed from the range.

Our product warranty periods vary but are at least 1 year. Our sales department gives you more information. There are some exceptions for light sources, batteries and similar consumer products.

We do not accept cancellations for customized products or products that we generally do not hold. If the custom-made product has already begun, the order cannot be canceled.

product Changes
Malux Finland Oy reserves the right to make structural changes affecting product performance. Current product information is available on our website, catalogs, catalog pages and installation instructions.

Malux Finland Oy shall not be liable for any indirect costs that may be caused by the defective product or erroneously followed installation instructions, for example, loss of production, missing compensation or any indirect damage to the buyer or product that has been transferred to a third party. This applies to damage to products manufactured by the purchaser or a third party.