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Who can order from Malux?
Malux only works with corporate customers and retailers.

When you find what you are looking for
When a call for tenders is sent through webpages, our knowledgeable salespeople will go through it. Then we will contact you personally by phone or email. We know that every project has its own demands and challenges. That's why we think personal service is very important. You can also place your order by calling us directly at +358 19 574 5700

Unless you find what you are looking for
Malux has a long experience of customized products and solutions. In partnership with some of the strongest brands in the market, we can offer everything from a special selection to fully customized products. Contact our sales staff for more information.

When your order is sent
Package or shipping? Tell us if you want your product to be shipped in a certain way. Otherwise, we will comply with the General Terms and Conditions NL 09.

When you need help
Easily reach us by phone at (019) 574 5700 or by e-mail at - for more information on our technical support, please visit this tab.