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Pos. Type Description Downloads View online
1 EV 35 LED LED Ex-pendant light fitting series, shock and vibration-resistant, 32 W LED-module, 2000 lm, -40 °C... Brochure Datasheet ENG ATEX
2 SafeSite LED area SafeSite LED Area light, stirrup bracket, 70W, 140W, 210W, IP66, 86 lm/W, 5700K and 4500K. Zones 1, ... Datasheet ENG ATEX Light curves
3 SafeSite LED area SafeSite LED Area light, versatile mounting options, 43W, 55W, 70W, IP66, 86-93 lm/W, 5700K and 4500... Datasheet ENG ATEX Movie Light curves
4 SafeSite LED bulkhead SafeSite LED bulkhead fixture luminaire, 11W, 22W and 34W, IP66/IP67, 55-66 lm/W, 600-2250 lumens, 5... Datasheet ENG ATEX Movie Light curves
5 SafeSite LED high bay SafeSite LED high bay luminaire for wall and ceiling mounting, 9500lm, 63-73 lm/W, 6000K, IP66, Ex ... Datasheet ENG ATEX Movie Light curves
6 Vaporgard LED Floodlight, cool white (5600K) or warm white (3200K), 90 VAC-246 VAC, 277 VAC, 50/60Hz, Ex 3G/3D UL ... Datasheet ENG
7 LPL LED High power pendant light fitting LED, 60W, 85W, 100W, 125W, 150W, 6000K, IP66, zone 1, 2, 21 and 22 Brochure Datasheet ENG ATEX
8 Champ NVMV LED Pendant light fitting up to 98W LED, ceiling, wall and pole mounting, wide ambient temperature range... Brochure Datasheet ENG ATEX
9 AB 12 LED Linear LED light fittings for LED tubes in three different sizes, 2 x 9W LED (720 lm), 2 x 18W LED (... Brochure Datasheet ENG ATEX
10 eLLK/M 92 LED Linear LED light fitting, LED-module length 400 mm or 800 mm, also pole mounted versions and retrofi... Brochure Datasheet ENG ATEX Movie[catalogue_chapter]=02+Ex-Fluorescent+Light+Fittings&Product[product_subgroup]=&embedded=&page=1&perpage=&search=led