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Pos. Type Description Downloads View online
1 DB10 Horn loudspeaker up to 20 W Exde, weatherproof DB 10 range, Ex II 2 G, with long/short flare. For ha... Datasheet ENG
2 DB14 Heavy duty horn loudspeaker, up to 15 W, weatherproof. For harsh industrial and marine environments.... Datasheet ENG
3 DB18 Horn loudspeaker up to 15 W Ex nA, weatherproof. 3GD for zone 2 hazardous areas. IP66/67. Datasheet ENG
4 DB16 Weatherproof horn loudspeaker, up to 30 Watts Exde, Exde IIB, Exde IIC, IP66 / IP67 Datasheet ENG
5 DB20 Horn loudspeaker, up to 8 Watts, Ex II 2G Ex de IIB T3/T4 Datasheet ENG
6 DB20C Ceiling-Mounted loudspeaker, power rating of up to 8 Watts (upon request), IP66 / IP67, Exde IIC Datasheet ENG