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In the selection of electrical and technical products, Malux Finland Oy offers modern equipment solutions for implementation and maintenance of industrial, ATEX and publicly funded projects.

The foundation of our business is a wide product range of globally well-known suppliers, our professional and service-minded personnel and our ability to offer solutions that will improve and maintain our customers’ competitiveness.

Product groups

1 Läbiviigud ja komponendid Cable glands, blanking plugs, drainage plugs, breathing plugs, reducing rings, gaskets and accessories. ATEX-certified (Ex). Catalogue: Capri "Cable Glands Global Solutions Catalogue" »
2 Harukarbid ja klemmkarbid Junction boxes and terminal boxes for explosion hazardous areas. Standard versions or tailor-made boxes according to customer specifications. ATEX-certified (Ex). Tailor-made assemblies Malux equips junction boxes, terminal boxes, control station...
3 Pistikud ja pesad Sockets and plugs, also multipolar as well as power distributions and extension cords. eXLink connectors. ATEX-certified (Ex).
4 Turvalülitid Manual safety switches for explosion hazardous areas. ATEX-certified (Ex).
5 Manuaalsed mootorilülitid Manual motor starters for explosion hazadous areas. ATEX-certified (Ex).
6 Peavoolulülitid Manual main current switch for explosion hazardous areas. ATEX-certified (Ex).
7 Kontroll-lülitid ja paneelid Control switches, control stations and control panels. Large number of built-in components available, for example push-buttons, emergency-stop and ampere meters. Wide range standard versions or tailor-made according to customer specifications. ATEX-c...
8 Jaotus Control and distribution systems. Large number of enclosure and built-in components available. Standard versions or tailor-made according to customer specifications. ATEX-certified (Ex).
9 MTL protsessi automaatika MTL Instruments Group is known as a world leader in explosion-proof equipment (ATEX-isolators, zener barriers), field buses, surge protectors, industrial networks, and as a manufacturer and supplier of PC:s designed for extremely demanding conditions...
10 Gaasianalüsaatorid ja süsteemid Gas analyzers, bio gas analysers and systems. ATEX-certified (Ex).
11 Kaamerad ja kaamera kontroll-süsteemid Cameras, video camera systems and equipment for process observations in explosion hazardous areas. ATEX and Ex-proof.
12 Alarm- ja kontrollseadmed Alarm equipment such as manual call points, speakers, acoustic alarm equipment, status lights, beacons and strobes for industrial use or approved for explosion hazardous areas ATEX (Ex). Catalogues: MEDC and FHF signalling, alarm and notification...
13 Küte Immersion heaters, gas preheaters, air heaters, space heaters, level switches, enclosure heaters, temperature and sensors, power and temperature control, intrinsically safe regulating and control for explosion hazardous areas ATEX (Ex)
14 Aktuaatorid ja sensorid Actuators, valve actuators, volume flow controllers, modulating sensors, binary sensors, passive sensors and door magnets for explosion hazardous areas ATEX (Ex) and industry. Catalogue: Schischek "Technical short information 2014" »
15 Maandus ja potentsiaaliühtlustus Static grounding and bonding systems including clamps, cable reels and screw-downs for Ex-areas (ATEX).
16 Vaateklaasid ja protsessivalgustid Sight glasses, sight glass luminaires and camera control systems for the process industry and explosion hazardous areas ATEX.
17 Surveseadmed EEx p Full purge and pressurize systems (EEx p) for explosion hazardous areas ATEX.
18 Positsioonilülitid Position switches and command devices for process automation and explosion hazardous areas (ATEX). Also wireless applications.
19 Tahhogeneraatorid / enkoodrid Tachogenerators, encoders, speed switches and combinations. Devices also explosion hazardous areas ATEX.
20 Mõõtmine ja kalibreerimine Measuring instruments for industrial use or in Ex-areas (ATEX). For example temperature meter, tachometer, calibrators, continuity testers and clocks.